Our Services

FACTS Education Solutions offers a wealth of leadership and coaching education, as well as workshops and conferences to build professional development and meet continuing education requirements.

For Educators

FACTS Education Solutions’ services meet the criteria of ESSA Title IA and Title IIA. These high-quality professional development services address the following, as defined in Title IX, Section 9101 (34) of ESSA as “high quality professional development”:

  • Improve and increase teachers’ knowledge of academic subjects and enable teachers to become highly qualified
  • Give teachers and principals the knowledge and skills to help students meet challenging state and local academic standards
  • Improve classroom management skills
  • Are sustainable, intensive, and classroom-focused and are not one-day or short-term workshops
  • Advance teacher understanding of effective instruction strategies that are based on scientifically based research
  • Are developed with extensive participation of teachers, administrators, and parents
  • FACTS Education Solutions is well-versed in federal funding and regulations and is prepared to answer any questions you may have about eligibility for federal funds and grants for educators.

    For Students

    Consultative Services

    FACTS Education Solutions custom workshops are guided by the specific needs of its participants. The goal is to illuminate school classrooms using current research-based instructional strategies and methodologies by leveraging modern technology. Beyond the workshop, participants can explore additional opportunities for ongoing and sustainable professional development with follow-up webcasts, online and web-based resources, and access to educational and technical specialists.