Educational Leadership

eWalk: Classroom Observation

Student Engagement and School Improvement

eWalk is a classroom observation program in improving and empowering administrators, coaches and lead teachers as instructional leaders. The eWalk Classroom Observation is designed to develop a continuous, systemic, long-range school improvement program.

eWalk prepares educators to engage in focused visits to the classroom for the purpose of ensuring:

  • Instruction meets the needs of all learners,
  • Instructional management and monitoring of student academic achievement
  • Instructional needs of learners are met with appropriate resources and technology tools.

Administrators can include teachers and other educational personnel to participate in classroom walkthroughs to gain insight into school-wide practices for school improvement. eWalk is an effective tool for improving teaching and learning with the ability to customize the observation domains as there is no “one- size-fits-all” classroom walkthrough model.

The program incorporates alignment to school accreditation standards, proven professional development methodologies, new technologies, and customized training for administrators and coaches. eWalk is designed to support the school staff to gain knowledge in instructional practices that increase student achievement. eWalk is based upon the research findings by Dr. Robert Marzano, Charlotte Danielson and Mike Schmoker amongst other noted educational specialists in classroom walkthroughs.

Leadership Coaching for Administrators and School Leadership Teams

Coaching and mentoring of school leaders and school leadership teams have been highly effective in school improvement plans. Mind Streams supports the development of school leaders, assists to develop a climate and culture in the school that supports every teacher, and fortifies the leader in making positive school improvements. Therefore, the program can impact every student and teacher in the school.

The coaching and mentoring program is comprised of ten leadership competencies that revolve around the key attributes of proven leaders. Participants must aspire to be competent in these areas to be successful in a highly interconnected world and drive improvement focused on impacting student academic achievement.

The training components can be customized to include on-site and online training to respect the participants’ time for professional development. Workshop sessions will be customized to address the needs of the district and schools. Training is designed to:

  • Support the improvement and development of school leaders
  • Help school leaders to develop a climate and culture that drives student achievement
  • Fortify each leader in their pursuit of leading significant levels of school improvements
  • Offers multi-level support directly with a top school leadership consultant

But Is It Good? Supporting and Evaluating Technology in Teaching

A school invests in the latest classroom technology and training for teachers, but how is a principal to know, whether during walk-throughs or formal observations whether this technology is supporting solid pedagogy. Are the students learning, or is just for show. In this presentation we will examine ways for a principal to support, develop, and evaluate teachers in their effective use of classroom technology.

Teacher-Led Change! Teacher Leadership as a Tactical Force for Innovation and Improved Student Achievement

In every school there are teacher-led innovations and breakthroughs waiting to happen. This session helps teachers rethink their role in leading change and offers some specific, definitive roles in teacher leadership that will help them find their purpose and ignite the creative spirit within. This session is fun, highly interactive, and leaves the audience with models in teacher leadership that will inform and inspire their work each day moving forward.

Perfect for schools that striving for greater levels of teacher empowerment and ownership of the change agenda. This is also a good session to help motivate teachers to rediscovers their love for teaching and to perhaps redefine what’s possible—for them, for their students, and for the profession!

iLead 101 – Technology Bootcamp for School/District

Effective Professional Development strategies are paramount to the success of any large-scale initiative in a school or district. Explore a process that can be used to provide ongoing professional development throughout the school year and not just at scheduled meetings. We will model best practices by learning effective uses for the iPad or tablet computer in the classroom and for administration.

Delivering the message is also a critical piece of the puzzle, therefore, we will focus on a special segment designed to improve presentation skills and visuals for the audience. The workshop will center around major themes but can be shortened to focus on specific needs:

  • The Idea
  • The Plan
  • The Actions
  • The Award

Target audience: school administrators, teacher leaders, teaching coaches, professional development coordinators.

Three days of training is recommended to fully train in all of the stated areas.

Leadership topics include:

  • Moving to a 1:1 or BYOD program
  • Strategic Thinking for an iPad implementation
  • Presentation Skills for Administrators
  • Integrating Blended Learning into the School Curriculum
  • Professional Development Planning
  • Developing a Productivity Workflow Workshop Sessions
Educational Leadership

Administrators can include teachers and other educational personnel to participate in classroom walkthroughs to gain insight into school-wide practices for school improvement.

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