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The Good, the Bad, and the Data: Effectively Using Data to Increase Student Learning

We think we are being effective; we hope we are being effective, but how do we know that we are being effective? Only through gathering, analyzing, and interpreting student data can we improve our classrooms or our schools.

In this presentation we will examine the ins and outs of Data Driven Decision Making (D3M) debunking myth, demystifying the process, and developing strategies that can be used at all levels of school management.

The Power in Purposeful, Flexible Grouping

Learn the powerful research about how effective flexible, purposeful grouping can be. Participants will be flexibly grouped over 5 different ways during the workshop. Be prepared to have fun, move often with a purpose, and have the tools to implement this highly differentiated process in your classroom the next day! You will truly understand how daily data collected through the formative assessment process can guide your instructional decisions all day long.

Assessment: How Do We Know They’re Learning?

It stands to reason that if students are not learning the way we are teaching them, then we must teach them the way they learn! Let’s use an analogy to make this point clear. When you go fishing, do you use bait you like or bait the fish likes? Whether you refer to them as multiple intelligences, like Howard Gardner, or to them as gifts, like Marcia Tate, students come to class with many different ways of knowing. Experience 20 brain-compatible strategies for unwrapping those gifts, strategies such as role play, drawing, music, or movement. Once teachers have taught students in these ways, how do we know that they have truly learned what we have taught? Experience over 50 ways (including the use of products and performances) to determine if those strategies are making a difference in student achievement in your classroom. The workshop will deal with both traditional and more authentic forms of assessment since both forms should be included in a student’s overall portfolio. After all, isn’t it better for students to produce their own knowledge rather than to simply reproduce yours!

Rethinking Traditional Assessment in a Technology Rich Classroom

With so many technology tools available for schools see how you can leverage mobile devices to engage students and transform assessment into engaging exercises that inspire and motivate learners. Explore the paperless classroom and tools that can be implemented in your classroom quickly and easily to give some of your traditional methods a face lift. Bring your own device and join our interactive workshop.

Engaging 21st Century Minds with the Formative Assessment Process: The Instructional Cha-Cha’s”

The “Cha-Cha-Cha’s” summarize the steps towards successfully implementing one of the most powerful strategies that we can implement in our 21st century classrooms: the formative assessment process. Students must acquire a small Chunk of content based on the standards, and then they must Chew or process that content in different ways. While they are Chewing or thinking about the content, educators are Checking for understanding and then Changing their instruction if needed.

The process can double the speed of learning according to research! You will receive the best pre- assessment and formative assessments ideas that you can literally use THE NEXT DAY! When you bring all these pieces together, you have a data-driven classroom with high engagement and achievement.

The Connection: Curriculum, Instruction, and Formative Assessment

This workshop will provide educators strategies in implementing formative assessments to assess student progress and use data for planning the next steps in the learning process. The training is designed to assist educators in interpreting the data to drive instruction and increase student academic achievement. Workshop will present research-based instructional strategies and resources to differentiate instruction based upon assessment results.

Education Data & Assessment

Workshops examining the ins and outs of Data Driven Decision Making (D3M) debunking myth, demystifying the process, and developing strategies that can be used at all levels of school management.

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