Professional Development

For Educators and Administrators

We specialize in customization. We value collaboration. We focus on results.

Our mission is to partner with educators to deliver effective and sustainable training. We create engaging workshops that enhance strengths, develop skills, and quickly transition to classroom implementation. Each of our professional development trainings are designed to meet the needs of faculty and staff while directly impacting the academic success of students.

We know that the key to educational excellence lies in not only enhancing the quality of teaching and leadership practices, but also in supporting the work of dedicated teachers and administrators. FACTS Education Solutions’ nationally respected educational specialists provide evidence-based professional development and resources to support educational excellence.

For Students

We believe learning should be effective and engaging for every student. We also believe that a quality education and proven resources should be available to every student.

Our partnerships with schools and families help develop reading and math skills to impact K-12 educational outcomes. We design services for all students — exceptional learners, at-risk learners, and those experiencing academic challenges.

Through collaboration, research-based resources, technology, proven instructional strategies, and methodologies, FACTS Education Solutions’ customized services supplement instruction. This positively impacts students’ skills, results, and their overall learning experience.

Our Courses

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Title Funding Consultation Services

The primary focus of the consultation process is to help schools identify and obtain federal funding for non-public schools. Consultation begins with examining data to understand the most pressing needs of students and educators in the classroom.

Once the needs have been identified, we will partner to select an approach, build a plan around those needs, and then implement. Our main goal throughout the consultative process is to improve teaching and learning by building a successful partnership.