Our Team


Dr. Patrick Haggarty

Patrick Haggarty’s education career began as a classroom teacher and continued until his professional experience included teaching K – 8 students, as well as high school, and graduate school students. While refining his teaching skillset, he continued to pursue advanced education, earning both his masters and doctoral degrees. Prior to becoming the President of FACTS Education Solutions, Dr. Haggarty was a high school principal, a K-12 school system president and superintendent of the Catholic Dioceses of Montana, followed by superintendent of the Archdiocese of Seattle, where he provided guidance to 74 schools and represented 22,000 students throughout Western Washington. Dr. Haggarty has a passion for Montana, the state from where his family grew up. He is a firm believer in the importance of a values-based education for children and families, as well as building relationships to broaden the circle of influence for private school success.


Amy Kawaguchi

Amy began her career in education as a teacher. She then became a school district curriculum developer, and now works in sales and business development. Amy’s experience in education instilled a passion for school growth and a dedication to shaping the learning experience that has guided her career path to this day. Amy’s business direction has been steered by the pursuit of academic excellence in herself and in others.


Dennis Little

For over 50 years, Dennis has been pursing professional excellence in his chosen field of accounting. Since bringing his skillset to the education industry in 1986, he has dedicated his career to guiding businesses that serve the growth of academic excellence.


Stephen Palladino

Stephen has an extensive background in sales and public policy which has helped him guide people toward achieving their goals and been instrumental to their future success. He has a passion for building lasting relationships and helping improve the American education system. For Stephen, a better tomorrow includes driving up the coast with his wife, Kristen, walking the beach with their dog, Wally, a ball game, and Johnny Cash.


Tiffany Wilbur

Tiffany started her career in the classroom, working with middle school students and students with special needs. She transitioned from teaching to designing and customizing on-demand learning for the K-12 and corporate markets. She has dedicated her time to elevating the learning of students, teachers, and professionals alike, through her work with educational publishing and video production. Before joining the FACTS Education Solutions’ Team, Tiffany was Director of Operations in Arizona, where she enjoyed the sun, cheering for the Arizona Wildcats, and aligning technology and video with effective and engaging learning. Her desire to engineer and deliver impactful solutions to all learners is matched only by her passion for people.


Hilary Farber

Hilary loves new challenges and continuously pushes herself to learn new things. She is a former restaurant manager and has more than ten years of customer service experience. Outside of work, Hilary enjoys a nice glass of red wine and spending time with family and friends. She is a loyal Husker fan, having spent most of her life living in and loving Nebraska.


Elizabeth Shelton

During her career, Elizabeth has worked in accounting, finance, and business development with a focus on businesses with an educational purpose. She loves the responsibility that comes with being part of a large, dominant financial services company with direct connections to schools and students. In having the resources to support schools, she believes we can truly make a difference in the lives of children. Elizabeth’s passion is enhanced by her children, especially the opportunity to teach her son to learn and love to read.


Julie Brockman

Julie has always loved working with numbers, which made a career in accounting an easy choice. For the majority of her life, she has worked for companies that have ties to education. Julie strongly believes every day is an opportunity to learn something new; whether it be something big or something small, you should strive to learn something every day. She is a lifelong Husker fan and an avid sports fan.