History and Experience

FACTS Education Solutions was created with one thing in mind: Improving the lives of students through education.

Evolution of FACTS Education Solutions

FACTS Education Solutions has been known previously as both Peterson’s Velocity and Mind Streams Education. Mind Streams Education joined the Peterson’s family of brands as Peterson’s Velocity in 2016, and was transitioned to FACTS Management in 2017, where it became known as FACTS Education Solutions.

Dr. Patrick Haggarty began his educational career as a teacher and was most recently the Superintendent of the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, where he provided guidance to 74 schools representing 22,000 students throughout western Washington. Previously, he served as superintendent for all Montana Catholic schools.

It was through his teaching and administrative roles where Patrick developed a passion for student success. Through FACTS Management’s extensive reach in the private, faith-based, school systems, Patrick continued to stay aware of the impact that FACTS Management has with schools and the responsibility to support partner schools with more than software and technology solutions.

Patrick has first-hand knowledge of the type of programs that truly make a difference in the lives of teachers and students and recognized that with the support of FACTS Management Company. FACTS Education Solutions will bring limitless opportunities to strengthen the experience of educators and students across the country.

Amy Kawaguchi also began her educational career as a teacher and has been solely focused on the educational industry most currently in sales and consultancy aspects. Amy is passionate about helping administrators and schools, which has shown in her commitment and dedication to ensure that high quality educational services are provided to students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Amy, along with Dennis Little, helped to form Mind Streams Education in July 2014, for the purpose of providing meaningful and sustainable professional development services to educators at all grade levels. Amy and Dennis have worked with schools to customize their professional development and other needs.

They also work tirelessly to ensure that private schools receive necessary to support the educational needs of their teachers and students. Dennis has dedicated his accounting skillset to the education industry and works to navigate the world of federal regulations and state and local contracts.

Continuing with the theme of educators, Tiffany Wilbur started her career in the classroom and transitioned into customizing on-demand learning for the k-12 and corporate markets. She dedicated her time to elevating the learning of students and professionals alike, aligning educational technology with quality experiences and measurable outcomes.

Tiffany has always had a passion for enhancing student outcomes and when she was asked to join the FACTS Education Solutions team (then Peterson’s Velocity), she welcomed the opportunity to take her experience using technology back to the classroom to have a direct impact in the lives of students through both student instructional services and professional development services.

In joining the Nelnet family of brands in 2016, the team has been able to utilize the accounting, policy, and other process services that comes with being with one of the leading educational services and finance companies in the United States.

Joining FACTS Management has allowed the FACTS Education Solutions team to further the mission of making educational dreams possible for families and students by focusing on their education. Elizabeth Shelton has been part of the Nelnet companies for more than 12 years and has been dedicated to the educational side of the businesses she supports.

Together, the team maintains passionate about education for both students and educators and is excited to continue to work with the FACTS Management team of brands and products to support schools across the country.